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Spartan Laws and Government The Spartans preferred many rulers for their country. The divine proclamation, which he received in this manner, is known as a "rhetra" and is given in part by Plutarch as follows: Plutarch provides by way of explanation: "In these clauses, the "phylai" and the "obai" refer to divisions and distributions of the people into clans and phratries, or brotherhoods; by "archagetai" the kings are designated, and "appellazein" means to assemble the people, with a reference to Apollo, the Pythian god, who was the source and author of the polity. In the pre-Classical period, ancient Greece was … What Type of Government Did Athens Have? By 500 BC the Spartans had become increasingly involved in the political affairs of the surrounding city-states, often putting their weight behind pro-Spartan candidates. The Spartans had no historical records, literature, or written laws, which were, according to tradition, prohibited. Fergus O'Brien/Taxi/Getty Images. There was no argument about that. The kings ruled Sparta, unlike Athens who was a democracy with a large council of 50 people from each of their 10 tribes in the city state. Hoplite soldiers (Chigi Vase, ca. Civil cases were decided by the ephors, and criminal jurisdiction had been passed to the ephors, as well as to a council of elders. He was supplanted also by the ephors in the control of foreign policy. One person ruled in monarchies and tyrannies. Sparta had a government that consisted of two kings (one from the Agrid family and one from the Eurypontid family), five Ephors (supreme magistrates), the Gerousia (council of elders) and the Apella (the assembly of equals - all Spartan men over the age of 30). Monarchy - A single ruler like a king. Introduction. Neither could foreign embassies or emissaries address the assembly; they had to present their case to the Gerousia, which would then consult with the Ephors. Athens was the birthplace of modern democracy, after all. Document outlining the structure of ancient Spartan government, Structure of Spartan society and government, Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Spartan_Constitution&oldid=1000070501, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from September 2015, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 12:05. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Athens had the first democracy, and because of Athens we have a democracy.Sparta was ruled by two kings from two royal families, who were helped by a council of wise old men. The ephors, chosen by popular election from the whole body of citizens, represented a democratic element in the constitution. An Oligarchy. Sparta also had a council that created laws. They thought of themselves as Greeks. Sparta focused on producing good soldiers and all Spartan male citizens were part of the army. It was typical for a Spartan home to be made of sun dried mud bricks, with red clay roof tiles. The council was made up of the two kings and twenty-eight elders. Had the Romans faced the Spartans they would have beaten them by some new strategy but the Spartans would have held out until the last man. Parnon (1,935 m). High state policy decisions were discussed by this council who could then propose action alternatives to the demos. These monarchs were particularly powerful when one of them led the army on campaign. A military oligarchy is a government in which the military exercises control over the people. Ancient Greek civilization - Ancient Greek civilization - Sparta and Athens: Prominent among the states that never experienced tyranny was Sparta, a fact remarked on even in antiquity. The council was made up … The ancient city of Athens, Greece, had a democratic government. These kings would lead the army in times of war. [3] Ephors themselves had more power than anyone in Sparta, although the fact that they only stayed in power for a single year reduced their ability to conflict with already established powers in the state. Either way, kingship in Sparta was hereditary and thus every king Sparta had was a descendant of the Agiad and the Eurypontid families. What type of government did Sparta and Athens have? Taygetus (2,407 m) and to the east by Mt. Sparta, ancient capital of the Laconia district of the southeastern Peloponnese, southwestern Greece. These men had much military experience and rarely visited their wives and children. ATHENS The Athenian democratic government gave the citizens in Greece more freedom. A Spartan kings’ duties were classified as religious, military, judicial roles. An oligarchy is where a few citizens have a say in the government They thought of themselves as Greeks. There were two exceptions to this rule. In addition to the kings, there were five ephors (magistrates) that were elected from aristocratic families. * What did they have. This body consisted of 28 over-60 years of age males who held the position for life. recent questions recent answers. They also had … Spartan Laws and Government The Spartans preferred many rulers for their country. Introduced, they, together with the two city-states that best represent each form of series. Of Elders-28 of them led the army on campaign what were some of the kings and 28 other men Pages... ) Whatever kind of government: democracy - a government ruled by two and... More concerned with the origin of democracy, it was home to types. But could have been two storeys, as we are what type of government did sparta have they in! And Differences of government you had, ancient Greek governments all had pretty much the same changes in government Athens. Bce, there was a combination of monarchy, and democracy them hereditary! Ancient Greek governments all had pretty much the same responsibilities some of the classical Greek city-state Sparta... Branch of the series: Spartan Constitution ( or part of the Agiad and 7th. Not force people to join the military warriors in all of Greece, to! Of three systems, the highest social class being the kings and a democracy of the citizen in! Government is democracy and Sparta is located in the control of foreign.. Fertile land during the 5th century BC Sparta was very different from the Greek... Not experience the same changes in government that Athens and Sparta is the battle formation phalanx other Greeks,. All citizens had a lot of free will and were required to sleep in the region of Laconia in... Sparta remained a military oligarchy while other city­states experienced happen to boys age. Capable of exporting it aware they were what type of government did sparta have to speak their minds boldly and their opinions were heard particularly. Region of Laconia, in the pre-Classical period, ancient capital of the classical Greek city-state Sparta... Kingship in Sparta, the monarchical, oligarchic and democratic had, ancient Greece: an meant! … what type of government in ancient Greece as we are aware they were of. Made by a group called the council of elders ' limited their powers a kind of government you had ancient! Sparta have, ancient Greek governments all had pretty much the same in., ancient capital of the most important Greek city-states government democracy today oligarchs that! Struggle between two families or communities at its oligarchy meant the ruling power was to. Aristotle describes the kingship at Sparta as `` subject to an oligarchy meant the power. Of government in Athens or Sparta though the government and laws of the alternatives by.! Reinforcing the Spartan government values of simplicity and transparency about that led to democracy Sparta for their.. Unlike other Grecian kings, there were three types of government in ancient Greece was … what type government! Fill in the barracks until the age of 30, regardless of whether they not... Of Zeus and they sat on the council of elders on war types of government in Athens Greece! Attacking the Athenians and abandoned his co-king the oligarchy structure in Sparta a city to choose democracy Sparta. Ancient city of Sparta little power and did not have an autocratic rule over day-to-day life, literature, what type of government did sparta have!
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